We have played music together since we met and fell for each other 29 years ago

We give around 150 concerts a year, both in Denmark - our home - and around the world

We love to pass on our passion for music to the next generation

We believe that small ears deserve better than musical mush

We compose, record and produce our own music


Sille & Palle don’t play FOR an audience – we play WITH our audience.

Playing music with kids (and their adults) is what we live for.


At the moment, we're touring with two shows:





When Sille & Palle come to visit and play, everyone is invited to join in. Together we become The Biggest Band in Town.


Our philosophy is simple... we are all musicians. Kids just need a little help and encouragement to release their inner musician.


During the show, the audience interacts with Sille & Palle to form the band with 8 different instruments. Kids learn the sound of each instrument and its musical role. A specially created cartoon universe adds an extra dimension of fun as the level of participation increases. Finally, the Biggest Band is formed, and everyone sings and dances to raise the roof.


It's our hope that this concert can inspire more kids to begin to play a musical instrument.





By starting young, it's possible to plant seeds that grow into a love and appreciation for all types of musical styles.


In this concert, kids are introduced to 10 of the world's favourite musical genres with the help of beloved classics from Bartok to Brahms from Brazil to Berlin. Classic melodies like "Girl from Ipanema" and "Ravel's Bolero" are performed like you have never seen or heard them before. The audience gets totally involved, learning how to beat a rhythm and create harmonies using their own bodies, paper and even a giant balloon.

“Thanks for amazing concerts! You guys are super good! I love that you take children seriously, get a good interaction, are positive, responsive and match this with good music. Lovely! You are always welcome back”

AnJazz Festival, Norway, May 2014

“From the first moment Sille and Palle started to play they had the full attention from the large crowd of children and adults. They played generously through a captivating show that never lost momentum.”

Aarhus Jazzfestival, Denmark july 2015

"WOW. It's the best school concert I've ever been to. The way to involve students, the way to communicate the music. We all agree that this is the best we have ever experienced regarding to school concerts."

Bankagerskolen, Horsens / DK 

"Pat Metheny meets Cinderella"

Shanghai Jazzfestival


Sille & Palle have sold more than 50.000 CD ́s for children and have toured with more than 2000 concerts for the world’s small ears for the last 20 years in Denmark, France, Germany, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Shanghai and in “The Concert Hall of the Forbidden City” in Beijing, China.

Sille & Palle have been married and playing music together for 29 years. 



Sille Grønberg - Vocal & Guitar

Palle Windfeldt - Guitars,  Bass and Vocal

Steen Rasmussen - Keyboards 

Klaus Menzer - Drums 

Kristian Jørgensen - Violin 




International concerts for kids - Shanghai 2017

From Concert in Copenhagen ´16

The biggest band in town - Shanghai 2018

From the school tour made by Rolling Music school and

Shanghai International Arts Festival nov ´18



                                                  September 2020


5 sept        Mogenstrup Menighedshus / Næstved

5 sept        Cafébiblioteket Tremilen / Rødovre

6 sept        Vapnagaard / Helsingør

8 sept        Nærum kirke

11 sept        Vollsmose Library

12 sept       Borgernes hus / Odense

15 sept       Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

16 sept       Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

17 sept        Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

28 sept       Nakskov Library

                                      October 2020

4 oct          Musikhuset / Aarhus

7 oct           Digitalt alsangsstævne for 600 school children in Odsherred

22 oct         Kulturværftet / Helsingør 

22 oct         Kulturværftet / Helsingør          

27 oct         Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

28 oct         Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

29 oct         Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

30 oct        Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

                                      November 2020

1 nov           Kulturhuset Elværket / Åbyhøj

10 nov        Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

11 nov          Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 

12 nov         Kulturskolerne / Gentofte 


Cool Classics - Concert




Sille & Palle

Human Music by Sille Gronberg and Palle Windfeldt

     Copenhagen / Denmark

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“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way ...“Jack Black - “School of rock”